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About Photo Engraving

Holographic Photo engraving is a diamond-impact process, where a diamond tip punches a doted pattern from a digitally produced image onto a metal plate using computerized CNC machinery.

Darker areas from the photo are re-created on the metal with smaller shallow dots while highlights are re-created with larger deeper dots, resembling the "stippling” art form. The final product as it is rotated reveals a breathtaking holographic rendition of the original image which will never fade or wear off.


Colour Sublimation is the method of permanently heat transferring an image printed on a dye sublimation printer to specially coated metals, ceramics, and polyester cloth. The dye sublimation process involves three main ingredients: sublimation ink, heat and pressure.


Photos-engraved now offers full colour photo sublimation on SOLID White and Yellow GOLD in 10kt or 14kt.

As seen in the above sample, the metal surface overtone remains visible as the sublimated image is blended with the surface metal colour which produces a stunning image reproduction.