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SS Heart Toggle Bracelet (2mm) - CBST

SS Heart Toggle Bracelet (2mm) - CBST
SS Heart Toggle Bracelet (2mm) - CBST
SS Heart Toggle Bracelet (2mm) - CBST
SS Heart Toggle Bracelet (2mm) - CBST
SS Heart Toggle Bracelet (2mm) - CBST

Heart Toggle Bracelet - CBST

Engrave your precious photo memories on this stunning stainless steel Heart Toggle Bracelet. 
Available in Holographic engraving only.

Questions? Look for an answer down here!
Our PriceCAN$59.00
StatusIn Stock - Ships NEXT DAY

MetalStainless Steel
Size26mm x 24mm

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Frequent Question About Medical IDs and Bracelets

Common Photo Engraving Questions

What is a Photo Engraving?

Holographic Photo engraving is a diamond-impact process, where a diamond tip punches a doted pattern from a digitally produced image onto a metal plate using computerized CNC machinery.

Darker areas from the photo are re-created on the metal with smaller shallow dots while highlights are re-created with larger deeper dots, resembling the "stippling” art form. The final product as it is rotated reveals a breathtaking holographic rendition of the original image which will never fade or wear off.

How will my photo be cropped?

Your images will be automatically cropped to show the face and neck area unless otherwise noted in the box.If any merging of different images is required, please specify the instructions here.Please check the price list for the additional charges for these services.

How do I know if my photo is good enough for your engraving process?

REMEMBER, when choosing a photo, a high quality photo will translate to a high quality photo engraving. Also, for better result, the subject should not be too far away.

Generally, if the photo is slightly blurred, or if the photo paper is scratched or dimpled, these deficiencies will also appear on the engraving as well.

Photos can be color or black and white, it will not influence the Photo Engraved jewellery result. 

Can I engrave several people on the same item?

Yes.Depending on the size of the product you choose, you could engrave a large group of people.  However, please keep in mind that the quality of your finished item will decrease as faces are forced smaller in order to fit.

If I want to engrave several people on the same item, do they have to be on the same picture?

Not necessarily.

Included in the price of your order is ONE PHOTO MERGE – defined as taking one person from Photo#1 and a second person from Photo#2 and merging them together for the engraving process.

Our graphics specialists will organize the set-up so that once engraved, they look like they had been altogether on the same photograph.

Will the Holographic Photo Engraving last?

With normal usage, the photo engraving process is designed to last a lifetime. The HOLOGRAPHIC photo engraved image is engraved directly into the metal surface, and there are no elements that will cause the image to fade.

The COLOUR Sublimation process is also very resilient to the elements, with only slight fading possible with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Direct or prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals like chlorine in swimming pools or strong perfumes should be limited.

All of our products come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Are chains included with any of the photo engraved pendants?

YES, chains are included with ALL Stainless Steel and Sterling Silver Pendants ONLY. They are 18 inches in length, and are available in ONLY one style.

Chains are NOT included with the 10K - 14K gold styles.

How long will it take to receive my Photos-engraved photo gift?

It will take approximately 3-7 business days from the moment we receive your order and photo, for you to receive your finished pendant. Please refer to the shipping section for more detaile information.

How can I send my photos to you?

Your photos can be uploaded once you have added them to your cart.

You also have the choice to send us the pictures through regular mail or through e-mail. ONLY use these methods if you are having problems uploading your photo to the website throught the shopping cart.

e-mail your photos to:
orders@photos-engraved.com and remember to reference your order number.  If your order contains multiple items, remember to associate each photo to their matching item.

for regular mail, please send your pictures to the following address:
Golden Reflectionsbr>2181 Steeles Ave West, uB15
Toronto, ON  M3J 3N2

Remember to include your order number with your photo, and if possible write it on the back of each photo.  Your photo will be returned to you upon delivery of your order.









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